Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sun (well, mostly) and sounds at Folk Fest 2008

What a great weekend I had at Calgary Folk Festival. We saw many fantastic musicians and hung out with great friends.  Here are some of the highlights:

Josh Ritter tops them all. My husband teases me that if any man asked me to run away with him, I would say no to all except Josh Ritter. After seeing his hockey hair, I'm sticking with my man! But I will always love Josh's amazing musicianship and wonderful voice!

Andrew Bird is the King of Layers.  His band was amazing!! So many layers of sound, so imaginative!

New discoveries 
are always an exciting part of going to Folk Fest. A few years ago it was that musical gem, Luke Doucet.  This year it is Claire Jenkins avec Band. So much energy and such catchy tunes! And Claire Jenkins has a beautiful voice!

And who could forget the ever lovely Julie Doiron with her simply-put lyrics...

It's so nice to enjoy these sorts of outdoor musical adventures with friends, so thanks to Andy (I know you only did it for me), Birdie & Lewis, Jessie, and Selena! We huddled close when the rains came, and we cheered loudly for our favorites! Fun times!  

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