Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First of the Christmas Baking! (Finally)

I am so glad I finally have some energy to get stuff done around here!

Last Saturday I made shortbread and gingerbread cookies, then started to put up Christmas decorations (and this was after the funeral for an old family friend - I had the privilege of playing the piano for him). There should be a picture of the aftermath of decorations, but I'm too embarrassed because doing all this wiped me right out and the house is still in shambles! Sunday we had church and choir practice, braved the cold to visit with some friends and then some family and when we came home, we went straight to bed! What a busy weekend! Monday it didn't stop because I spent all the time between preschool in the morning, till my students came in the afternoon decorating the gingerbread cookies and using the leftover chocolate to dip an entire bag of pretzels! These pretzels are the BEST for dipping! (I got the last bag at Extra Foods in High River!) And if you have kids, what an easy and fun activity!

So now that I have all these things done, I still have to make a tonne of candy cane popcorn (don't worry Megan, it's coming!) and a huge batch of nuts and bolts.


  1. WOW, that looks delicious! That's gourmet Christmas baking! Want to come help me with mine! ha ha

  2. funky gingerbread! Everything looks great, festive and delicious - way to go :)

  3. those shortbreads look good!

  4. Oh Kaly, it's so beautiful - your shortbread. I'd be all over those if I was there. Hope you guys have a great Christmas.