Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meeting Family

I have finally gotten around to upload some pictures from the last little while and thought I'd share. I think my favorite is of Otto meeting his two boy cousins (on my side) for the first time. Marshall and Iarnan just adored him! I know Natalie, Alyssa, and Shantelle were just as excited to see him.

I actually felt up for a long walk last week (the day before I got really sick), so we bundled Otto into his wrap and off we went. It was a really nice walk and he slept peacefully the entire time. In fact, the wrap works so well that I have Otto in it right now, just so I can get a few things done without him fussing - he so loves to be cuddled and held.


  1. So adorable!

    I'm a big fan of baby-wearing. :) Otto looks cute on you!

  2. You HAVE to email those pics of Marshall meeting Otto!! (when you have time that is!!) I love the pic of Andy and Otto, he looks like such a happy, proud daddy!! P.S. I'm glad the sling is working out for you!! (glad you found it too!!)