Saturday, November 21, 2009

And another!

I'm on a roll! I'm so excited to be scrapbooking again!
This one is not really my usual style - it's a bit busy. The journalling reads:
"You don't cry like most babies do, Otto. Nope. Whenever you fuss you make these cute little squawks which sound like a baby pterodactyl."


  1. Haha! My Miriam is a squawker, too. It's kind of a nice break since her sister was a screamer. :)

    He is adorable, by the way!

  2. Nice work Kaly! Please don't tell me you cut out all those dinosaurs up at the top...that would be TONS of work!

  3. No WAy! It's a punch by EK Success. I'll bring it this weekend if you want!

  4. you are so talented Kaly! I love your scrapbook pages. I can never decide which pictures to scrapbook and end up doing all of them...which means i'm never done.