Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not a Funny Girl.

I admire my friends Becky and Erin for just putting it all out there, so here I go.

I am not the funny girl. You won't find me the center of attention at a party. I am not rude or overly sarcastic. I am not clever or witty, though I wish I was and admire it in others. My tongue just doesn't work that fast. My brother-in-law is the champion of witty remarks. I don't know how he thinks them up so fast. He's also extremely sarcastic, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I am quiet. I enjoy meaningful conversations that get to the heart of the personal humanity of those involved. I care deeply for my friends and family. I care about others and hope I am empathetic towards all. I am genuine and sincere. I am loving and hope that I am kind always. I am musical, creative, and spiritual. I am loyal and consistent. I am strong. These values rule my life and I ever aspire to be better at them than I currently am. I know I shouldn't care about what others think of me; I should just live my life how I know I should. I don't need anyone's negative interference to sway my beliefs, goals, or nature of who I am. I know I must plow forward, doing those things I know will bring myself and those closest to me happiness.

Erin said exactly what I've been feeling lately, and I just don't feel that I can make a better spin on it, so I will end with her words:

"I remembered once again that God's perspective is the only one that matters. It really doesn't matter if anyone notices me, if anyone thinks I'm valuable or important, or reads my blog. ;) It doesn't matter if people take me for granted, are rude to me or ignore me. My legacy has to be one that mirrors the one whom I am living for. If I'm living for myself then I will chase that ego trip. But if I'm living for Jesus then His example has to be my lead. Jesus didn't seek attention, or significance. He came with a mission to save us from ourselves and He lived His 30 years on earth to that means. No ego trips just truth and hard hitting messages. Time to let go of ourselves and the desire to have amazing biographies written about us when we die. Time to deny ourselves and walk with Christ, as challenging as that path can be." {Thanks Erin.}


  1. Hi Kaly, I love what you wrote! Very inspiring. Otto is so adorable:)

  2. I admire you Kaly! We both would rather not be the center of attention ;) Thanks for being a good friend and being so strong and centered in who you are!

  3. Kaly, you are such a beautiful woman and I've always thought so!
    Thanks for your always encouraging words - you bring a big smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

  4. Kaly, you rock :) You are such a beautiful, authentic, encouraging woman and I'm thankful for you.

  5. Kaly, you are one of my MOST favourite people in the world. Too right, what people think - really doesn't matter much. I recently received a really negative note from some lady that barely knows me - but remembers me a bit from my childhood days. She wrote some really ridiculous things, and the thing is - we have to remember that people pick on us because of their own insecurities... it's what we think of ourselves, and what Christ thinks of us that truly matters. I love you Kaly...

    ...now when are you going to come and visit me? Just kidding, I know it's expensive to travel, and twice as difficult with a wee one. But, if you ever do manage to, you should come and visit. :-)