Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Pic and a Little Wave

Well, we had our first look at this wee babe just yesterday. Very exciting. Not very exciting was the long wait I had to endure with a very full bladder! I think the baby looks like a girl. Or a boy. Or a girl. Or a boy. Yes, you got it, we are NOT finding out the sex. We are looking forward to the surprise. And how cute is this little wave? I think baby is actually rubbing his/her eye, but it sure looks like a little, "Hello Mama! Hello Pappy!" to us! If you recall, Baby #1 aka Otto, gave us an "I Love You" sign in his little video clip here, so this baby had a standard to live up to. This baby is also measuring big for our dates, so it's possible that I'm farther along than we thought!


  1. COngrats! Always better to be farther along than you thought, rather than the other way around! When's the big day?