Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playdough. For 4 Hours.

 We put Atlas down for a nap (earlier this month), and this big boy played playdough for 
FOUR hours!

Atlas had a full nap and then joined the fun. Otto built walls, dinosaurs, and did a little baking/mixing in the end. I couldn't believe how intensely and how long he played!

We have been using this playdough recipe, found here:
(click on picture for the link)

The last time I made this recipe, I tried to add a scent to it using tea water, but it didn't really work, so I tried adding some almond extract. I had to add quite a bit to get even a faint scent. Have you tried adding scent to your playdough?


  1. I haven't tried adding scent to my playdoh, but I did hear that if you use kool aid, it will dye it and put the scent into it. Something to think about. :)

    New to your it so far! :)

    1. Thanks Brandi, and welcome!

      I have used Kool aide in the past, but it's not something that we normally buy, so when we have an inkling to make playdough, it's just not on-hand. I also don't always want the color that the flavor comes with :) It's funny that I get your comment today, because I happened to have made a batch of playdough this morning! My sister-in-law and I are going to try adding lemon extract post-warming to see if that will hold better.