Friday, May 22, 2009

40 Weeks Today

I know that only about 5% of births happen exactly on the due date. Is it wrong to hope like heck that we're one of the 5%?

I want this baby out! I'm terrified that the longer this baby stays in, the bigger this baby will be and I might not be able to get baby out!

Today I put together a little ABC book with my Zutter machine. It's so cute, and the animals in it are adorable. Colors are great too. I'll post a pic another time. I also made cookies. Tonight we went to Okotoks for a walk by the river and out for supper. Andy swears he was trying to make me giggle, but I think he's trying to bear-claw the baby right out of my belly in this pic!

This past week the baby room has really come together. I mod-podged some paper onto a bookshelf and cut some vinyl shapes for the wall with my CriCut. Andy finished the drapery rod so we hung the drapes. There are only a few things left to do for the completion of the room, but Andy insists he will need something to do when the baby actually does arrive. So, here is one picture to whet your appetite, and I will show more when things are finally together.


  1. Cute Vinyl Kaly!...pretty much all you need now in the baby the Baby!! :) But he/she will come when he/she is ready! can't wait to get a call!!

  2. Oh, I see what the problem is - the room is not ready! Of course she/he isn't coming yet. The room looks lovely!