Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waiting Time

I've been busy.

Last week we prayed that the baby wouldn't come until after the recital. Baby listened and hung out for awhile longer.

Saturday came and still no baby (even after some intense contractions Friday night). So then I got to thinking, Hey, I could stand a little more time to get some things done. Time is good. Time is nice. So this is what I've been up to:

Sock Creatures. I've made three. Just finished the last one today. We've got the twins, Max & Millie, and little Percy. They're kind of fun and a bit ridiculous. Check out their awesome tails!

On Monday, I made this piece of artwork for the wall. I sewed fabric and also added paper and buttons. The tree and the birds are all templates I made from Maya Road chipboard shapes. I'm sure I could have come up with something more original, but I really loved these shapes, so I just drew them on my own and adapted them for this project.

I love the sewing on the bottom with the little round logs.

Andy finished the set of drawers. It is BEAUTIFUL! I love the look of the grain.

Over the Easter holiday, I made this slip cover for the chair.

I've been getting the baby's room more together and it's looking great! I've been cleaning and tidying spaces around the house and tomorrow I will do some baking. I'm really enjoying this TIME!

But... I am getting bigger. Can you believe I've gained almost exactly what the midwives hoped I'd gain: 40 POUNDS! I'm out to HERE!!! Mostly I'm feeling pretty good. I've got Braxton Hicks contractions, constant kidney pain, and now swelled legs, ankles, and feet because I have to spend a good portion of the day (and sometimes middle of the night) standing to alleviate some of the kidney pain. Other than that, I'm happy. I'll be much happier when I get to cuddle this wee babe in my arms. Although by the time he or she makes her grand entrance, she might not be so "wee". One of our midwives thinks this one is going to have a long body with long legs.
And here's one of Andy. I think he feels a little left out with all these pictures of me and my belly.


  1. You have been so busy - I love all your projects!! As for the 40 pounds... that means your babe will come out healthy as can be ;) You look great and if you didn't type 40 pounds I'd of never guessed it! Happy waiting!

  2. Wow, Andy has a reasonably clean nostril cavity...


    I'm sure the baby will as well. Keeping you in my thoughts Kaly. If you ever have spare time in the future (I highly doubt you will - as Motherhood is imminent) perhaps you could make me one of those adorable Sock Creatures. Let me know, I'll send money.

    Miss you guys.

  3. Kaly! You are SO talented!! I LOVE the tree, and the sock creatures!! Oh and Andy you are pretty talented too LOVE the drawers!!

  4. I totally dig that tree. So cool. And I LOVE the creatures! I keep thinking about you and your wee one. Best of luck to you.