Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning the Baby Belly!

It's been beginning for awhile now, but since I'm a small person, it hasn't been as apparent to other folks as it has to me. But here we are now, sprouting out! The funny thing is that I feel like the baby went through a massive growth spurt in the last week and a bit! I wasn't this out there a few weeks ago! I wasn't eating a lot for those 6 days I was sick, just drinking lots of fluids, so not a lot of growth from that. But then Christmas day hit... And Boxing Day.... And then family dinner on the day after that... Then leftovers for days and days and some eating out too. I sure made up for the week that I didn't eat much! And now here I am! Thanks to Mom and Dad for feeding us so much over the holidays!


  1. Woo Hoo!! - Baby Court is making it's appearance in the world. Still so excited for the two of you. Looking good Kaly. :-)

  2. Andy took this picture only about a week ago, and already I feel like I'm twice as large as that!

  3. Kaly that is the cutest baby belly ever! I hope you've taken more since then! I took a weekly picture when I was pregnant.