Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love these guys!

Okay, so it isn't Mother's Day or Father's Day yet, but can I just tell everyone how much I love my parents? They really are the best!

Yesterday I had a regular checkup with my midwife, and since Andy is in school right now I thought maybe my Mom would like to go with me. When I asked her, she said she was planning on having a date with Dad the same time, so I said he should come with us too! So that was the plan.

Well, Dad showed up alone to pick me up. Apparently Mom needed to stay home with Gramma. So I insisted that I could just go by myself and he didn't have to use up his precious time driving all the way to Calgary and back. He (perhaps a little jokingly) said that Mom had told him that they need to support their daughter. So off we went to Calgary!

I think Dad would have been happy to stay in the car and read his book, but I convinced him to come in to the waiting room. Then convinced him to actually come into the appointment with me! So, all went well and we heard the baby's heartbeat and actually heard the baby moving around. Apparently I have a very active baby! (That's actually what the ultrasound report stated, and I've been feeling the baby moving tonnes in the past week or so.)

So anyway, thanks Dad, for supporting me. It was fun to have you there to listen to the baby. He or she will know that you cared enough to do that.


  1. We often take our parents for granted, you are SO very Blessed to have such great people to support and care for you SO much! He told me about it as well, i think he secretly thought it was pretty cool! He acts tuff.

  2. That is a super picture of your parents! They are great! Glad to hear baby "C" is doing wonderful!