Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Come and Gone

Wow. What a busy holiday! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I did, for the most part. The very day I started my Christmas break, I began a 6-day fever/headache/strep throat. It didn't help any that the E.R. doc took one look at me and said that I was fine, I was just running a slight fever. But he "humored" me and took a swab of my throat. Sure enough, two days later (through the weekend and getting worse and worse by the day), I phoned up my own Dr. and they said, yep, it's strep. So they got me on antibiotics and I was actually feeling better on Christmas day. After that, I was pretty good.

But, Christmas was a time to be happy and have fun visiting with family! Everyone was home this year in both our families, so that was a real treat. Andy and I got to spend time with family we see the least because of distance, so we were really happy to get to do that.

Highlights of this Christmas:

~The nativity play my nieces and nephew put on. Notice how baby Jesus is a rolled up towel under Kaiomhe's dress... and then out it popped! She was so proud!

~The white elephant exchange with Andy's family. Andy, Daryl, and Adin kept stealing each other's presents because everyone wanted what they had: mint Oreo's, Wagon Wheels, and chocolates. Andy ended up with a spatula. Also fun was how excited John was with his motorcycle. Good thinking, Juanita!

~Andy's excitement with his gifts: the One Piece t-shirt I made for him, and the Carcassonne game I got him. We played it every few days with whoever would play it with us!

~The little house I made for Andy's Mom. (picture at the top)I think it turned out pretty cute! I hope she liked it!

Well, I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. We LOVE Carcassone and have almost every expansion! Too bad we didn't live closer :)