Saturday, January 31, 2009

Temple Trip and Tap-Dancing Toes

Andy and I have always had a goal to attend the temple once a month. (We'll see how that goes this year with baby! Any suggestions?)
Andy came up with this great idea that we should take a picture each time we go to the temple and I will make a mini album out of it - kind of a flip book through the different seasons, times of day, outfits, weather, etc., but we will be the constants. So, here's the first picture for 2008!

In other fun news, yesterday was my birthday. I slept in, did a bit of scrapbooking, visit with a friend, then went to the temple. The highlight of my day? Waking up to tap-dancing toes on my belly! Now, this baby is an active little peanut, so I've been feeling all kinds of bumps and nudges and somersaults and all kinds of other acrobatics, but this was a unique feeling - two tiny feet going tap-tap-tap-tap one after the other! So exciting!


  1. I only have one tip. Temple attendance does not always mean a session. Initiatory is a great way to get in and out for that young, breast feeding baby. That is of course, if you bring babe down with you.

  2. Thanks B!
    I checked out your blog and your creations are fantastic!