Saturday, January 31, 2009

Temple Trip and Tap-Dancing Toes

Andy and I have always had a goal to attend the temple once a month. (We'll see how that goes this year with baby! Any suggestions?)
Andy came up with this great idea that we should take a picture each time we go to the temple and I will make a mini album out of it - kind of a flip book through the different seasons, times of day, outfits, weather, etc., but we will be the constants. So, here's the first picture for 2008!

In other fun news, yesterday was my birthday. I slept in, did a bit of scrapbooking, visit with a friend, then went to the temple. The highlight of my day? Waking up to tap-dancing toes on my belly! Now, this baby is an active little peanut, so I've been feeling all kinds of bumps and nudges and somersaults and all kinds of other acrobatics, but this was a unique feeling - two tiny feet going tap-tap-tap-tap one after the other! So exciting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Journal

I just finished making this: a baby journal. I keep wanting to write to this baby, telling how I feel, things that are happening, what cravings I've been having, weight gain, midwife appointments, nursery room happenings, etc. So, I made this little journal. Most of the shapes I just cut with the Cricut, and I bound it together with my Christmas present - my Zutter Bind-It-All. When our baby is born and we know whether baby's a girl or boy, and we give baby a name, I will personlize the front of the journal.

I also wanted to show off a LO that I did awhile ago. It's my favorite from the last little while.

Btw, I am loving this second trimester! I'm not sure if I notice my energy level now only because it was non-existant during the first four months, but I really do feel like I have way more energy and I feel good about getting things done!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love these guys!

Okay, so it isn't Mother's Day or Father's Day yet, but can I just tell everyone how much I love my parents? They really are the best!

Yesterday I had a regular checkup with my midwife, and since Andy is in school right now I thought maybe my Mom would like to go with me. When I asked her, she said she was planning on having a date with Dad the same time, so I said he should come with us too! So that was the plan.

Well, Dad showed up alone to pick me up. Apparently Mom needed to stay home with Gramma. So I insisted that I could just go by myself and he didn't have to use up his precious time driving all the way to Calgary and back. He (perhaps a little jokingly) said that Mom had told him that they need to support their daughter. So off we went to Calgary!

I think Dad would have been happy to stay in the car and read his book, but I convinced him to come in to the waiting room. Then convinced him to actually come into the appointment with me! So, all went well and we heard the baby's heartbeat and actually heard the baby moving around. Apparently I have a very active baby! (That's actually what the ultrasound report stated, and I've been feeling the baby moving tonnes in the past week or so.)

So anyway, thanks Dad, for supporting me. It was fun to have you there to listen to the baby. He or she will know that you cared enough to do that.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning the Baby Belly!

It's been beginning for awhile now, but since I'm a small person, it hasn't been as apparent to other folks as it has to me. But here we are now, sprouting out! The funny thing is that I feel like the baby went through a massive growth spurt in the last week and a bit! I wasn't this out there a few weeks ago! I wasn't eating a lot for those 6 days I was sick, just drinking lots of fluids, so not a lot of growth from that. But then Christmas day hit... And Boxing Day.... And then family dinner on the day after that... Then leftovers for days and days and some eating out too. I sure made up for the week that I didn't eat much! And now here I am! Thanks to Mom and Dad for feeding us so much over the holidays!

Christmas Come and Gone

Wow. What a busy holiday! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I did, for the most part. The very day I started my Christmas break, I began a 6-day fever/headache/strep throat. It didn't help any that the E.R. doc took one look at me and said that I was fine, I was just running a slight fever. But he "humored" me and took a swab of my throat. Sure enough, two days later (through the weekend and getting worse and worse by the day), I phoned up my own Dr. and they said, yep, it's strep. So they got me on antibiotics and I was actually feeling better on Christmas day. After that, I was pretty good.

But, Christmas was a time to be happy and have fun visiting with family! Everyone was home this year in both our families, so that was a real treat. Andy and I got to spend time with family we see the least because of distance, so we were really happy to get to do that.

Highlights of this Christmas:

~The nativity play my nieces and nephew put on. Notice how baby Jesus is a rolled up towel under Kaiomhe's dress... and then out it popped! She was so proud!

~The white elephant exchange with Andy's family. Andy, Daryl, and Adin kept stealing each other's presents because everyone wanted what they had: mint Oreo's, Wagon Wheels, and chocolates. Andy ended up with a spatula. Also fun was how excited John was with his motorcycle. Good thinking, Juanita!

~Andy's excitement with his gifts: the One Piece t-shirt I made for him, and the Carcassonne game I got him. We played it every few days with whoever would play it with us!

~The little house I made for Andy's Mom. (picture at the top)I think it turned out pretty cute! I hope she liked it!

Well, I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Happy New Year to you all!