Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hidden Gem

I've been going through all my childhood memorabilia and I happened upon this little gem. My uncle, Tim Lilburn, is an award winning poet both provincially and nationally. I found this poem he wrote for me back in 1987:
Kitchener, June 17, 1987
Dear Kaly,

My neice asks for a poem
so I will praise her corn-coloured,
goat-eye yellow hair, her eyes'
hot June blue and the beginning-
of-the-world bright
of her face, as I speak
highly of stones, pumpkins and horses'
musical pasture turns
for she is beloved and glad to me
as mornings
and the towering sky
and wheat
and prairie's forever,
her rising bread joy
great to me;
speaks of her intelligence
as poets do of roses
happily if she will
accept these mutterings
from an eccentric uncle
as downpayment for verse she will,
quick as a whisper,
send to me.
Love, Uncle Tim

Now, how warm and lovely is that to come upon?

Monday, February 22, 2010

And he's Off!

I thought it would never happen. So many months of trying and crying and rocking and ... well, more crying. But he's finally done it, and now he just can't be stopped! I can't believe how fast it happened! Last week, he began taking a few crawling "steps", and by the end of the week, not only was he crawling like a pro, but he was also going from laying to sitting like nothin' and more often these days, we go to get him after a nap (or when he wakes up early in the morning) and he's standing up in his crib, just waiting for us, with a beaming smile and many happy sounds.

It's incredible how much they change in the first year. And from here, there's only more to go! Wait til he starts walking (and he wants to so bad), then I'll be chasing after him even more! So much fun!

I caught this adorable little smile when we went to visit Great-Grandma by sled. He didn't quite know what to make of it all, but by the end, he was making his happy little noises and having a grand ol' time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Current Virtues

Before Christmas, I purchased a set of virtue cards from here. I have browsed through them (there are 100) from time to time, getting to know them a bit. Several weeks ago, I chose three to focus on right now. I keep them out to refresh my mind and motivate me to remember what my goals are. These are the current ones:

NOBILITY: Nobility is keeping faith with our true value as spiritual beings. It is living up to the virtues, the Divine trust within us. We treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect. We speak and act graciously. We choose the moral high road regardless of the cost. If others try to bring us down, we remain steadfast, remembering our true worth. Our sense of decency is our touchstone. The world's temptations cannot divert us from our purpose. We don't follow the path of least resistance. We lead principled lives. We live the good life.
I know that I am a child of God, and thus, am heir to His kingdom. I know I won't make it back to Him unless I follow His example and plan. Therefore, I must become more like Him, that I may draw nearer to Him.

PRAYERFULNESS: Prayerfulness is a relationship with a power greater than ourselves. One that loves us and knows us intimately. We live in the presence of our Creator, mindful that every act, decision and thought is meaningful. Prayer is quiet reflection that cleanses the mirror of the soul. It is a sacred conversation that opens us to forgiveness, hope and renewed intentions. We listen and receive spiritual guidance. We ask for help, heighten our awareness and watch for it to come. Praying our gratitude keeps us in the flow of Grace.
To me, prayerfulness goes hand in hand with nobility. I need to keep the lines of communication open that I may draw nearer to my God. I know I cannot do all things on my own and need the direction only my Heavenly Father can give.

ORDERLINESS: Orderliness is living in a way that creates harmony around us and within us. We have a place for the things we use, and keep them where they belong. Order and beauty in our homes and work spaces brings a sense of peace and freedom. Our thoughts and ideas flow more freely. We do not hold onto clutter. We clear the way for genuine abundance. Orderliness is being focused and purposeful, planning taks step by step instead of going in circles. As we trust Divine order unfolding in our lives, we find a still point of order in our souls.
I love this one because it is so tangible. Most of you know that I am an organized person to begin with. However, I seem to always have "organized clutter" all around my house. I think because I have so many interests and hobbies, things just pile up. Scrapbooking, sewing, art, cooking/baking, reading, food storage. There are some things I can't control, like food storage, which we must have. But I am currently trying to organize my scrapbook clutter. And it all begins with a new vision. I regularly visit scrapbook blogs and some of them have giveaways weekly. I leave a comment among the other thousands, never dreaming that I would be one of the chosen. Well, a few weeks ago, I actually won! Stacy Julian is a very inspiring woman, and I won a seat in her online class, Library of Memories, and her book, Photo Freedom. I got her book in the mail yesterday and read it cover to cover. Her process is revolutionary and so freeing. The way she organizes, then scrapbooks her photos is so liberating! I am excited to begin the process and allow the orderliness to inspire me. If you are a scrapbooker and you are constantly overwhelmed with being "caught up", check out the links above. I gaurantee your outlook will change for the better!

So, my goals for now are:
1. To be a better person, more like my Savior and Heavenly Father.
2. To pray more meaningfully. To thank more often, and to seek guidance and direction.
3. To have order in my life that I may have a sense of peace and freedom in my life and in my mind.

What are your current goals?