Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

It's been a busy weekend! But I think we've all had a happy Easter.

It all started on Friday with the Easter Egg Hunt! Martha did such a great job organizing it all- thanks Martha! There were so many kids there, and I even got to see some of my old Kids Are Special kids! It was a special kick to see the twins who always saved me seats for snack and games. So cute!

We were invited to camp out with some friends on their land Friday night, but we're [read: I'm] not that adventurous when it's still so cold out, so we just went to hang out until late. Otto had a great time, all bundled up in his weird blue ruffled Russian snowsuit. Andy and Paul took turns rocking him to sleep in his car seat.

Saturday we listened to 4 hours of conference while going around the house getting things done, preparing food for Sunday, and playing with Otto. Andy always sets it up so we can hear it all throughout the house; it's awesome. I find that when I'm busy doing things (in the kitchen, folding laundry, etc) I listen a whole lot better than when I'm just sitting there. Andy went to the church for 2 more hours in the evening.

Sunday we listened to 4 more hours of conference, then had my Uncle Tim and Gramma over for Easter dinner.

Monday I drove Tim to the airport and did a few errands in the city only to rush back to get Easter supper ready again, this time for my parents and sister. (We had so many leftovers from last night!)

1 Easter egg hunt, 10 hours of conference, and 2 Easter dinners= fun, but tiring weekend!

p.s. See if you can spot the awesome piece of jewelry I made! I'll post a better picture soon.