Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting my art on

Early last year and the end of 2008 I took two Art Journaling classes online here from Dina Wakley (on my sidebar). I didn't get very far at the time. I was hindered by a number of things. First, I am a perfectionist and I was very intimidated by the talent of my teacher (though she was lovely and kind and very accomodating). The way she would just put a dab of paint on the page with such abandon, I admired that and wished I could do the same. I was also extremely intimidated by the whole journaling thing: what could I possibly have to say, my life was so boring! Then, I was pregnant, and I got busy getting ready for baby. Lastly, I was in too much pain (the good ol' kidneys) to sit for too long at a time. All okay excuses. So thoughts of art journaling sat on a shelf in my brain, percolating, until my friend Birdie re-inspired me by giving me a wonderful hand-bound (by her) art book for my birthday.

I think having a child has calmed some of my perfectionist tendancies (out of necessity) and some recent events have allowed my pen to creatively blossom in so many ways I never expected. I have really enjoyed this creative process and haven't cared so much about what the end result would be. (Dina was always telling us that - that you couldn't think too much ahead all the time - just be in the moment and put something on paper!) So I put something on paper.

So thanks Birdie, thanks Dina, and thanks to some others who shall remain nameless. And finally, thanks Otto, for being such a source of complete joy in my life!