Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random things in my life right now

I'm such a sporadic poster!
But to let you know some things I've been up to lately:

I started an online "Art Journal" class with the amazing Dina Wakley. Check out her blog through the link on the side of my page. I'm learning how to layer textures and how to use paint. I've always been intimidated by paint because I usually use way to much or not enough and it ends up being disaster. But my first assignment from last week actually turned out not too bad. The part that is way harder than the painting is the journaling! Who would have thought?! When I have a few pages actually completed (in another few weeks) I'll post them then. Or maybe I'll post week-by-week so you can see the beginning to end process? I'll have to see what I'm up for.

Christmas is coming quick! Especially if you are making some presents by hand! Quick quiz: How many of you will be giving home-made gifts? What kind of gifts do you make? I seem to always make peppermint popcorn in glass jars, and shortbread cookies. They are both Christmas staples in this house!

Now that I've sat down and written the above, I entirely forget what else I've been up to lately. I thought there was more, but it appears that I am just really very boring.

Well, Andy is back home and he did a fantastic 1st year welding, so way to go Andy! And I'm glad to have you home again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to Blairmore!

Well, I'm off to Blairmore tomorrow for a scintillating scrapbook weekend! My good friend Kacey and I are driving down tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to scrapbook again. Even when my sisters-in-law came over conference weekend, I didn't get much done because I was sick. But this weekend I hope to get more caught up than ever! And maybe do a few Christmas presents!

I will miss Andy, but he has only ONE WEEK LEFT of his 1st year welding, then he's back to work machining and back in High River full time with me! Have I mentioned that Andy is top of his class and frequently gets unbelievably high marks on all his exams! That's my Andy! He also finished the garage this weekend, and I'm so very proud of him - he did all the drywalling, mudding and taping, and painting pretty much solo. Well, he did have a lot of help from my fantastic father too. So congrats Andy on a job well done! Now you have more time to do some other things around the yard?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Lucky Me

I'm so behind! I've been busy and not busy, sick and not sick. Did everyone catch that awful stomach flu last week? I knew about a dozen people who had it the same time I did. Nasty.

But on to more exciting things! Like, happy one year anniversary to Andy and I! Andy planned the day and all along I assumed we were going to Banff. He first took me out to Black Diamond for breakfast at the Barn (A favorite for us. I wanted to take a picture of the pancakes - they were huge! - but I forgot my camera in the car). Then we followed hwy 22 up to the 22X or Spruce Meadows Trail. I thought we'd head straight for Banff, but instead turned into Calgary. I was confused and Andy would not tell me where we were going. Then when we turned into Deerfoot Meadows or Run or whatever that place is called (with the IKEA) I joked that he was so nice to take me to IKEA even though I know he hates to go there. Well, we didn't go to IKEA. Instead, Andy said to me, "I want you to have your camera today. We don't have to wait until Christmas!" So, we got the Canon Digital Rebel Xsi!!!!! Wooooo! This is the LUCKY ME part!

So, we've both been playing around a bit and figuring things out with this new camera. So fun and exciting! I love my Andy for giving me a surprise like this! Oh yes, and my present to him was a mini album comprised of pictures and text from our dating life - things that we both had written in our dating journals!

Next, was Andy's birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday Andy! It was games at the church with a potluck supper. The highlight of the evening was opening and playing with Paul's present to Andy. Uh... we're not really sure where Paul scored this beauty, but the guys sure had fun rolling around in it! We kept joking that maybe Paul nicked it from the Rotary Club? Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time Andy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Medieval Fair - Paul's Birthday Bash

Yes, I know it has been awhile and now I'm playing catch up. Starting with this fabulous Saturday that Andy and I spent at Paul's farm near Millarville.
Paul organized this entire event for his own birthday and it was amazing! Almost everyone showed up dressed in Medieval costume, and the games were amazing! He even had performers come to do flame-eating and belly-dancing. The man of the day was our King Paul, who was dressed to the hilt! Andy was so proud of his own costume. Paul had even made two "horses" for jousting.

There was jousting, axe throwing, spear throwing, and eating without utensils (I think that was Paul's favorite part)!