Thursday, October 2, 2008

Medieval Fair - Paul's Birthday Bash

Yes, I know it has been awhile and now I'm playing catch up. Starting with this fabulous Saturday that Andy and I spent at Paul's farm near Millarville.
Paul organized this entire event for his own birthday and it was amazing! Almost everyone showed up dressed in Medieval costume, and the games were amazing! He even had performers come to do flame-eating and belly-dancing. The man of the day was our King Paul, who was dressed to the hilt! Andy was so proud of his own costume. Paul had even made two "horses" for jousting.

There was jousting, axe throwing, spear throwing, and eating without utensils (I think that was Paul's favorite part)!


  1. And your costume and your HAIR looked suberb, you must have a nice friend hairdresser to make your outfit complete! Awsome fun! THE flags THINGS Where did they get them?

  2. Yep, thanks Kacey for the great hair. Half of my costume was borrowed from two friends.

  3. The lady holding the horse is a long-time friend of ours. We started jousting together many years ago.
    Medieval life is lots of fun! (Especially when you get to go home and have a bath and eat good food when you're done. I wouldn't liked living in the real thing.)

  4. BTW Zidim is Richard - Brenna and Emmett's dad.