Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to Blairmore!

Well, I'm off to Blairmore tomorrow for a scintillating scrapbook weekend! My good friend Kacey and I are driving down tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to scrapbook again. Even when my sisters-in-law came over conference weekend, I didn't get much done because I was sick. But this weekend I hope to get more caught up than ever! And maybe do a few Christmas presents!

I will miss Andy, but he has only ONE WEEK LEFT of his 1st year welding, then he's back to work machining and back in High River full time with me! Have I mentioned that Andy is top of his class and frequently gets unbelievably high marks on all his exams! That's my Andy! He also finished the garage this weekend, and I'm so very proud of him - he did all the drywalling, mudding and taping, and painting pretty much solo. Well, he did have a lot of help from my fantastic father too. So congrats Andy on a job well done! Now you have more time to do some other things around the yard?


  1. What does scintillating mean?
    I hope its something amazing?
    Can't wait...

  2. Brilliant, clever. i like it.