Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Coolest Thing

I've never seen anything like this! It is pretty amazing! Check it out.
Check out her other work as well. Wow.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Top 10 Wishes

I'm list-lifting this idea from my friend Haley's blog because I think it's good to have a wish!

1. I often wish for more time. If only sleeping and eating were optional because we just felt like it, we'd have 24 usable hours in a day. Think of all that we could accomplish! Now, don't get me wrong, I love food and a good nap, but if we could just do so when we wanted to, like if we had some extra time....
2. I'm with Haley on this one: I wish winter weather only existed through the months of December and January. But, maybe not all of January because I'm sick of having cold weather on my birthday. But let's just wish further than that: I wish spring could be for everywhere like it is on Vancouver Island - fluffy white and pink cherry blossoms, magnolia blooms, flowers everywhere, and greenery would last all through the year! Summer would be the majority of the year, but not too too hot. And fall would last a few weeks and be like Eastern Canada, with all the lovely maple and oak trees turning magnificent colors.
3. I wish yard and house work would magically do themselves. 'Nuff said.
4. I wish I could go hiking every weekend, and climbing once a week.
5. I wish I could get all of my closest friends and family together and live in a co-housing community like my friend Annie's. We'd have house concerts and house potlucks ALL the time!
6. Speaking of concerts, I wish that I could go to any and all concerts I desire. I really miss going to classical music concerts with my classical music friends, jazz concerts and gigs, and I lament the fact that I didn't go to Folk Fest this year.
7. I wish that I could do all the musical things I desired, such as pick up the Foothills Girls Choir again, and learn a bunch of new piano pieces this year. I would also love to learn to play the guitar. This wish would work if only we could have wish #1.
8. I wish that when we looked at older people, we could see their life story in front of us. They would receive more respect and admiration from us than they get now. I suppose that could go for regular people we meet or know as well. It would certainly eliminate all sorts of judgements.
9. I wish we could travel like they did on Star Trek. I'm not even sure how that was, but I know it was super FAST. We could travel all over the world in seconds.
10. Lastly, I wish I were asleep in my bed instead of staying up to write on my blog. Sometimes I just want to kick myself in the pants for not going to sleep when I should!11. I lied, here's one last one. I SO wish that babies (especially mine) didn't spit up so much! Andy caught this one of Otto WHILE we were doing our family pictures. We took his bib off for only a few minutes and of course, he spits up. It never fails.

Thanks Haley for the idea!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This and This

Seeing lots of these two things these days: smiles, and hands in the mouth.

Congratulations to my PBF, Kacey, on the safe arrival of her 4th, Miss Sloane Browning!