Monday, February 6, 2012

Printable Calendar

It's February, I know. But, I have finally got a working/organizing calendar all set for my needs. I'm PREPARING. And hopefully getting things rolling this month. This calendar is a bit boring, all black and all, but it will work. I made a large section so I can write down activities of the month, and two smaller spaces for what I'm going to clean this month and the projects I have on the go. I NEED THIS. I need to have it all laid out so I can see overall, all the things I need to do. I hope this will help me be able to prioritize more effectively.

I've uploaded this month's calendar to Scribd, so if you click on the calendar above, you can download your very own! If there is interest, I will upload all the rest of the months for one downloadable file. Happy organizing!

UPDATE: I've been using this calendar for a few days now and I'm not loving it. So, I will tweak it and post the next ones before March comes around!