Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting back to reality

Well it's been awhile, but hey, I've gotten a lot done in the last few weeks. I've been in Calgary as a caregiver to a young boy with autism and downsyndrome while his family went on vacation. This was my third summer with him and it was great! Since he likes to watch his shows, I set up a scrapbook area to work while he is occupied. I had several free hours a day that way. I finished a slideshow, phoned all my piano and choir peeps, set up most of my fall schedule, and scrapbooked 2 mini albums and about 18 pages! I feel so accomplished!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking me out on a lovely date the night before I left him. We drove his 1958 Ford Edsel to Okotoks, where we went electric skateboarding on the wind-y paths down by the river. I wish I had some pics of that, but I left my cam in the car! Oh well, we'll go there again and I'll post pics then. It was a gorgeous night and a fun ride. Thanks Andy!

I had a few goals as I started to scrapbook during this time, and I'm pleased to say that I actually accomplished these goals! Have a look:

#1. Use more negative space on my layouts. I find these layouts refreshing to the eye,
not having to look at all the millions of pictures that are crammed onto one page. How did I do? Let's see:

#2. Use my stash! I have so much stuff that I save because it's too "pretty" for this page or that, but then in a year it will be old news. So I gotta rip and tear and use bits and pieces here and there.

#3. Use my sewing machine. This is one of my favorite layouts, from the
picture to the journaling to the scraps of paper and ribbon I used.

#4. Do more journaling on the page. I got some cute journaling stamps and used my computer for others. I love it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Of Hiking and Napping...

This past Saturday, Andy and I went with our friends Paul and Sara for a hike on Paul's land. It was beautiful being in the trees and moss and such! We had a picnic and a nap at the top of the hill.

In the morning, Paul and Andy were 
up early, doing "Heat 'n Beat", when
they forged their own weapons. They threw their spears and sword head at dead trees and kept Sara and I worrying.

When we got back from the hike, Paul started up "The Claw". 
If you have ever watched Hallmark's The Magic of Ordinary Days, you will know what I am referring to! It's actually Paul's old machine, and he's actually the one who drives it in the movie! So cool!

Thanks Paul and Sara for a grand day of outdoor adventuring!

Sun (well, mostly) and sounds at Folk Fest 2008

What a great weekend I had at Calgary Folk Festival. We saw many fantastic musicians and hung out with great friends.  Here are some of the highlights:

Josh Ritter tops them all. My husband teases me that if any man asked me to run away with him, I would say no to all except Josh Ritter. After seeing his hockey hair, I'm sticking with my man! But I will always love Josh's amazing musicianship and wonderful voice!

Andrew Bird is the King of Layers.  His band was amazing!! So many layers of sound, so imaginative!

New discoveries 
are always an exciting part of going to Folk Fest. A few years ago it was that musical gem, Luke Doucet.  This year it is Claire Jenkins avec Band. So much energy and such catchy tunes! And Claire Jenkins has a beautiful voice!

And who could forget the ever lovely Julie Doiron with her simply-put lyrics...

It's so nice to enjoy these sorts of outdoor musical adventures with friends, so thanks to Andy (I know you only did it for me), Birdie & Lewis, Jessie, and Selena! We huddled close when the rains came, and we cheered loudly for our favorites! Fun times!