Sunday, July 18, 2010

Foray into Digi

It's a long story. Here's the short of it: Andy bought me Photoshop Elements for Christmas (completely a surprise, but something I've been wanting for a long time). However, it was the newest version, which my Mac does not support. So we took that back and I searched online for the last version for Mac. PSE 6. Brand new, great. Tried to install it. Did not work. Looked online for help, finally called Adobe support. The guy I got was completely useless. They did not do phone support for older versions of PSE. So I went back online. Did everything to my computer that I was told to do in the support forums. Tried to install. Didn't work, didn't work, didn't work! I was so frustrated! Finally, a month or so later, I called support again and spoke to a nice gentleman who totally helped me out! Hallelujah. Now it is installed and I've already done two lessons of my Jessica Sprague class and two complete layouts! This is so much more user friendly than my dinosaur version of Photoshop CS!

I'm so excited for all the layouts and tweaking of photos to come!