Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Family Portrait and a 90th Birthday!

So this weekend was a busy one! Scrappin' with the sisters-in-law on Friday, Assiya's wedding on Saturday morning/afternoon then Grandma's 90th Birthday on Saturday evening. Then more family get-togethers on Sunday.

I made the slide-show for Grandma's birthday and it was amazing to go through all the pictures of her life, right from 1919 until now. What a full life! We love you Grandma!

Andy drew this little portrait when he was supposed to be listening to the Sunday School lesson, but everyone passed it around and had a good laugh. See if you can identify all our family members!

We took our own family pictures on Saturday. I would pity any photographer who would try to do our portraits for us, it's always such a gong show! The last picture is my Grandma with her 6 great-grankids!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

Otto's been smiling and cooing for awhile now, and he has this cute little sigh-laugh - it's the cutest when he does it in his sleep. But last night, he full-on laughed out loud and it was the greatest thing! Andy and I just sat there laughing along with him. And to our delight, he did it again tonight! Our boy is so fun!
Unfortunately, we didn't catch his full-out laugh on film, but here's one of his adorable smile!