Friday, March 16, 2012

Cute Fabric Banner

I whipped up this cute little fabric banner just the other night. It took very little time and I love how it turned out. It was for a little girl who turned two! I hope she can put it in her doll house!

I finally made a Laundry Line for our family(before Christmas actually)! If you want one for your family or for a friend, put in an order! email me at or visit my Facebook page:

Coming soon: a felt pouch tutorial. Somewhere to put your flash cards, playing cards, groups of mini books, etc.

Mini Album: Atlas Birth Day

I love making acrylic mini albums. I made one for Otto's "Birth" day (here) so I also made one for Atlas. I love the colors- I had decided on them before he was born. I love the mustard yellow and teal and I figured I could add pale pink or white if he was a girl, or brown for boy. Yay for us that I could add brown!

I also added some owls and toadstools here and there. I love the nature-y stuff and it's always a great thing to put on boy pages!

I added some scrap pieces of fabric to the o-ring to finish it all off.

Long Overdue Scrapbook Update: no.2 Family Pages

Family of Four: I love the little paper banner. It needed it as I realized the vintage paper wasn't wide enough... after I had tacked it down already!

Journaling reads: "You are so lucky to have a Pappy who can throw you so high in the air. Never fear. He will always catch you!"

I love the shots of us walking with Otto. I haven't really decided yet what I want to journal in the journal space.

This boy JUMPS. This totally describes who Otto is right now.

Long overdue Scrapbook Update: no.1 OLW

Yes, it's been awhile. I had big plans to update my blog more frequently this year, but after my picture fiasco, everything stood at a stand still. So, here come some scrapbook LOs I've done in the past while.

First up is this assignment for One Little Word: nine spots describing and circling around my One Little Word for this year: Prepare. Last year, my album's main color was green (surprising? no.) This year I decided to go with something fresh, so it's yellow with a bit of blue and grey.

Monday, March 12, 2012

At least 30 reasons to be SO VERY grateful!

About a month ago, I did a stupid thing. Very stupid. And I don't use that word very often. But what I did was colossally stupid. To make a long story short, I deleted ALL my pictures. They hadn't been backed up and I thought they were GONE. I cried for days. I cried for weeks.

Thankfully for me, I had a friend I could turn to. The first time he did a recovery, he came up with around 21000 pictures. Unfortunately, they were all crap. Either files which had been deleted previously or files which were way too small to do anything with (we're talking 8KB or smaller). And there was virtually nothing of what I was so sad to have lost - the first 7 months of Atlas's life!! How could I have been so daft?! So, away went my external hard drive to my friend again, who ran another recovery on it. Came up with nothing. I thought that was it, and I was trying to be resolved to this fate. However, to my great surprise and joy, when I went to pick up the drive, my friend handed me another smaller drive and said, "I was able to recover about 9000 files which I copied to this drive. Take a look and see if they are what you lost." He had gone the extra mile and thought he'd run a completely different recover program. He recovered almost EVERYTHING! I say almost because there are some random pictures I know are missing. But I'm definitely NOT complaining! What was recovered is so very precious to me, as you can understand. So... here are at least 30 reasons I am grateful:

1. Otto laughing with Andy at the zoo.
2. Andy, Otto and I outside out house on a Sunday morning.
3. Otto kissing my pregnant belly.
4. Our first looks at Atlas.
5. Holding Atlas in my arms for the first time.
6. Otto meeting Atlas for the first time.
7. A first photo shoot with Atlas.
8. Atlas asleep and bundled up on the quilt I made for him.
9. Otto hiding and surprising us at his grandparents (in the closet).
10. Otto helping take Atlas' temperature at the midwives' office.
11. Atlas lounging.
12. The cutest picture of Otto ever. Happy to stop jumping on the bed for one second to flash a million dollar smile for Mama.
13. Another million dollar smile. This time from Atlas.
14. Otto and Andy pouring water in the bath. This was too cute!
15. My handsome husband.
16. One of the many pictures I've taken of Otto in his bed with random things around him. This one is classic - he's asleep right in the middle of the hula hoop!
17. Otto blowing bubbles at a family reunion last summer.
18. Oh, my Atlas. What a little sweetheart!
19. Otto playing the harmonica for a ready audience of one.
20. Andy and Atlas having a wee nap together, hand-in-hand.
21. Otto's first pony ride.
22. Otto and Atlas laying on the quilt and playing.
23. Otto and Atlas in the stroller together.
24. Otto having fun with his cousins in our jumping tent.
25. The bandaid on Otto's head. He said that Pappy had got it for him. "Pappy, so nice."
26. A happy little Atlas!
27. The boys and Mama having some fun play time. They love all the bouncy songs and want to do them all together.
28. A quick kiss. (Can it get any better than this?!)
29. A bundled up Atlas.
30. A cute Atlas beside his favorite horse.

These are moments in my life and the lives of my family which I never want to forget and which I want to be able to share for years to come. Great memories, every-day memories. These are so precious.