Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hidden Gem

I've been going through all my childhood memorabilia and I happened upon this little gem. My uncle, Tim Lilburn, is an award winning poet both provincially and nationally. I found this poem he wrote for me back in 1987:
Kitchener, June 17, 1987
Dear Kaly,

My neice asks for a poem
so I will praise her corn-coloured,
goat-eye yellow hair, her eyes'
hot June blue and the beginning-
of-the-world bright
of her face, as I speak
highly of stones, pumpkins and horses'
musical pasture turns
for she is beloved and glad to me
as mornings
and the towering sky
and wheat
and prairie's forever,
her rising bread joy
great to me;
speaks of her intelligence
as poets do of roses
happily if she will
accept these mutterings
from an eccentric uncle
as downpayment for verse she will,
quick as a whisper,
send to me.
Love, Uncle Tim

Now, how warm and lovely is that to come upon?

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