Wednesday, March 11, 2009

29 Weeks

I'm so slow at posting these days. I'm posting this while I'm almost at 30 weeks. My excuse this week? Taxes. 'Nuff said.

What's going on with me at 29 weeks? Well, blood work says I'm iron deficient, which explains why I feel light-headed and fainty after I do something simple like walk up the stairs! My white blound count is still up after the whole kidney thing, so my body is still trying to combat infection. I'm so tired.

That said, the fun things include: continuing to feel baby moving around, and the kids at preschool are in awe at my ever-expanding belly. They will spontaneously want to feel "the baby". One little boy always asks if he can "see" the baby, and makes motions like he wants to look down my shirt. Here's a typical conversation:
Him: "Can I see the baby?" (motioning to look down my shirt).
Me: "Well, the baby is inside Ms. Kaly's belly. You can't see the baby from the outside."
Him (as he points to my belly): "But it's right there."
Me: "Can you see what's inside your belly?"
Him: "Uh, no."
Me: "Baby's inside my belly. All you would see is my skin, just like we see your skin on your belly."
Him: "Oh."
Then we have a repeat of the same conversation the next week.


  1. You look so good! That's a funny story about the kid!! ha ha

  2. Hahaha. They start young with that routine. Just kidding. You look great Kaly!!!

  3. Oh Kaly, you look so great. What a cute story of that little boys, the things kids say. Must crack you up everyday. Love ya.

  4. You look great Kaly!! Hope you start getting more energy ;)