Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Started | YearBook 2013

It's taken me three months to finally make up my mind how I want to do our Family Album this year. I knew I wanted to do digital, so I researched several different companies and finally decided on the company, the size of the book, and the layout style I want to use throughout the book. I decided to use the same template (which I made) for each month's review, then use Project Life style templates for extra pictures, and add scrapbook layouts as I go. Here are the first four pages for our Court Family Yearbook!

I've been downloading the Storyteller collections from Just Jaimee and I LOVE them! They are fun, colorful, and have so many useable products in them. I love the variety of items she has, and that she puts the same categories in each collection. For example, each  storyteller kit this year has had a pack of messy borders, which I have totally used here!
{TIP: If you sign up for her newsletter, she sends subscribers a special price when the kit first comes out!}

I figure if I use the kits from Just Jaimee almost exclusively for the Review pages, there will be a better continuity to the entire album.

As you can tell, not much happened in January or February this year! There just wasn't much to tell! We were sick for most of January and February was spent catching up! Just to illustrate how little we did, here's a look at the number of photos we took each month:
January: 63
February: 95
March: 259
Big difference, right?!

So now that I have a plan, I will hopefully be turning out more and more pages! Stay tuned.

PS. What book printing company do you love?


  1. Kaly I love these! They are adorable. Especially the epic playdough page so cute!

  2. I have been meaning to do this every year since Jack and Sarah were born…now they are 4 and 2 and I still haven't done one!! I really should get started. They look so fantastic, don't they?

    I was looking for some way to keep a lot of the kids' art work and i came across shutterfly's 'mini masterpiece' layout. I love it. I definitely have plans to make one….right after the yearly albums haha :)

    1. It's never too late to start! I've switched from an all traditional scrapbooker to mostly digital and I have loved it. I finish pages much faster, and then they are done! And I love that I can do it as simple as I want it or as detailed.

      I love your idea for the kids' art work. I need to remember that for my boys' creations!

    2. I've started ours now after seeing your beautiful pages. It is really fun, isn't it? And just a little addictive :)

    3. That's fantastic, Kate! I always feel so happy when someone finds joy in documenting their family life in this way. Good for you!

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