Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yearbook 2013 | Mr. Muscles

I've been busy! Haven't we all? Well, I've been trying to get my pages done for last year. The flood put everything in our lives back, including my scrapbooking and memory-keeping for my family. It's something I believe is so important, so I've been spending some time this month on it all. It has been really hard getting through any pages related to the flood. Many emotions come up, and I find my mind going in many directions at once. It has been taking longer than usual on those particular pages. But here is a page I just finished with a lighter feel. Still flood-time, but this was something fun for Andy as he was working so hard with flood clean-up and recovery.


  1. It looks great Kaly! I do think that would be hard to relive while doing your pages, but I bet that those are the pages you are going to look back on and love the most.

    1. Thanks Birdie. Tears came to my eyes when I read your comment. Simply because it's probably true!