Thursday, April 5, 2012

Digital Success!

Atlas's First Breath

I went away last weekend on a women's retreat with some girl friends. I took my computer to sort through all the pictures and get my iPhoto all organized. (After I got my photos back, many were doubled, etc.) I was also excited to try my hand at some digital layouts. I took a few classes awhile back (from here) but have only done preset pages, and have made a few small invitations for various things. This was my first attempt at starting a digital LO from scratch. I'm so pleased with the results and found it very satisfying! I loved being able to start a LO with pictures I just came across in iPhoto without having to wait till I got them developed. I still absolutely LOVE traditional scrapbooking, but this is fun as well.

Big Brother's Watchful Eye

Little Pink Bucket (I will add journaling after it is printed)

2011 Orr Family Reunion

Little Spout


  1. Looks like you have gotten the knack of the digital layout! All of these are wonderful!